Déjà vu

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I don’t get people who spend hours on Instagram and tumblr looking for stuff to reblog that they think there followers would like.. Just post whatever you like, it doesn’t matter if other people like it or not and doesn’t matter if you have 1000 followers if everything you post is fake.. 

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❝Some friends don’t understand this. They don’t understand how desperate I am to have someone say, I love you and I support you just the way you are because you’re wonderful just the way you are. They don’t understand that I can’t remember anyone ever saying that to me. I am so demanding and difficult for my friends because I want to crumble and fall apart before them so that they will love me even though I am no fun, lying in bed, crying all the time, not moving. Depression is all about “If you loved me you would.”❞

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Why do I always read my old FB messages….

I try to convince myself I’m the same person I was a few years ago, but I know I’m not.. I was looking for a message from an old friend and some how I ended up reading the messages me and my ex sent to each other when we broke up after I went to college.. 

when I look back I feel broken…. not because of her, but I know I cant see the world the way I used to anymore and thats one small part of what makes me feel that way. I wish I knew the rest….. 

P.S to my stalker, If you are reading this and think you’re the person mentioned, you’re wrong. 

❝Since mankind’s dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We’ve seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.❞

-― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta
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